Key Stage 3

The KS3 programme covers knowledge and understanding by focussing on various types of art. we offer a broad curriculum giving students the opportunity to experience a wide range of media, materials and processes including 3D.

Year 7 programme
Culture , Landscape and 3D Vessels and painting.

Year 8 programme
Sculpture, Printing, Mark making and drawing.
Worked is marked and standardised thoroughly and consistently throughout the Praising Stars cycles. There is a very strong focus on advice and guidance when choosing options in year 8 to ensure that students make the correct choices.

Key Stage 4

Art and Design GCSE (9-1) – Edexcel (QAN code (60180699)

Art and Design equips students with the skills to enjoy, produce and engage with the visual arts throughout their lives, and it has immense value as a GCSE subject. GCSE Art and Design provides the opportunity for students to:

*explore both contemporary and historical sources of art, craft and design

*take an individual approach to their art, craft and design making

*develop the skill of selecting their best and most appropriate work for presentation.

Further reading and information on the curriculum content studied can be found at:
Art and Design GCSE (9-1) – Edexcel

Art and Design GCSE – Edexcel (QAN code 50045210)

The Key Stage 4 curriculum follows the Edexcel fine art syllabus and has proved to be one of the most consistent and popular options subjects in the Academy. Students thrive under the personalised tuition that is offered and results are very good.

The curriculum is divided into the coursework unit (unit 1) which is 60% of the grade and the externally set assignment (unit 2) which is 40% of the grade. The syllabus consists of 4 assessment objectives:

AO1 is researching and ideas, where students find out what art they respond to and learn to make confident choices.

AO2 is about experimenting and taking risks. Students try out a wide range of media, materials and processes, including printmaking and photography. They are encouraged to find out what they actively enjoy working with as well as being able to try out materials and combinations that they have not yet encountered.

AO3 is the quality of the work, how it is recorded, kept and organised. Students learn how to sustain their investigation by reviewing what they have done and making appropriate changes. They can set themselves goals and challenges.

AO4 is the final work – the big finish. Students use work from the other assessment objectives to put everything they have learned into practice. There are no set ways of working and students are free to produce work that is personal, imaginative and exciting. Students reflect on what they have done.

Further reading and information on the curriculum content studied can be found at:
Art and Design GCSE – Edexcel

SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural)

Art club enrichment.
Pupils teaching pupils teaching and learning strategies.
Collaborative learning opportunities producing large scale pieces of 2-D and 3-D art.
Constructive peer feedback to improve learning.

Exploring the work of others, understanding concepts and meanings.
Evaluating the work of others.
Questions posed for debate such as ‘Is graffiti vandalism or art?’

Exploration of own and others identities.
Creation of personal art work in response to a title or question.
Developing the use of personal expression through final outcomes.

Culture based projects understanding the world and others around us.
Exploration into the work of others.
Trips to local environments and gallery visits.

Department Staff

Miss. J Bottomley – Head of Expressive Arts
Miss. H Campion – Teacher of Art
Miss. J Davis – Arts technician