The Geography department is extraordinarily enthusiastic about our subject and we strive to create exciting, imaginative and inspiring lessons that allow students to experience Geography through a variety of innovative mediums. The study of Geography is vital, as it offers not only an excellent understanding of the many ways that the world has developed and changed over time, but also a greater understanding of the world we live in today.

Key Stage 3

In KS3 learners will experience two hours of Geography in Year 7 and one hour of Geography in Year 8.

Year 7
• Introduction to Geography and map skills
• Population & Far East Asia
• Weather and Extreme Weather
• Rivers
• Africa
• Economic Activity

Year 8
• Extreme Environments
• Plate Tectonics
• Sustainability and Energy
• International Development
• Coasts
• Urbanisation

Key Stage 4

GCSE (9-1) Geography – AQA (QAN code 60184103)

Studying geography gives students the opportunity to travel the world via the classroom, learning about both natural and social sciences along the way. They will understand how geography impacts everyday life and discover the key opportunities and challenges facing the world. Students will also develop academic and life skills from writing, teamwork and communication to analytical skills.

The 9-1 GCSE consists of 3 examinations taken at the end of the course.

Paper 1 Living with the physical environment (1 hr 30)
Paper 2 Challenges in the human environment (1hr 30)
Paper 3 Geographical applications (1hr 15)

Geography students will undertake two geographical field studies out of the classroom to prepare for the geographical skills paper.

Progression Routes
Geography is an impressive academic subject valued by all branches of higher education and employers.

The study of Geography provides students with a capacity for analysis, an ability to communicate and an understanding of the decision making process.

These skills are highly sought after by employers and will benefit students in their working and social life.

The skills acquired from the study of Geography will benefit those seeking a career in a variety of different areas.

•International aid/development worker
•Landscape architect
•Logistics and distribution manager
•Market researcher
•Nature conservation officer
•Tourism officer
•Transport planner

Further reading and information on the curriculum content studied can be found at:
AQA GCSE Geography

Department Staff

Miss. H. Emblen – Head of Humanities
Mrs. H. Almond – Teacher of Geography