Modern Foreign Languages

Key Stage 3

Students study French or German for two hours per week for the first two years at Outwood Academy Acklam. They learn to understand and communicate at a basic level in the foreign language through a wide variety of different activities.

All students have their own Vocab Express account to support their vocabulary learning at home.

Vocab Express

Key Stage 4

French GCSEAQA (QAN code 60181576)
German GCSEAQA (QAN code 6018159X)

Students are assessed in four skill areas and each is worth 25% of the GCSE mark.
Listening is assessed for the understanding and responding to different types of spoken
Speaking exam involves a role play, a photo card task and a general conversation.
Reading is assessed to check understanding of different types of written language.
Writing is assessed to demonstrate being able to communicate effectively in writing for a
variety of purposes.

Further reading and information on the curriculum content studied can be found at:

Department Staff

Mrs. K. Watson – Subject leader, teacher of German and French
Mrs. S. Eastwood – Assistant Principal, teacher of French and German
Mrs. A. Relph – Teacher of German and French