Year 7 Questions and Answers

What are the school times?

The school day starts at 8:20 and finishes at 2:30. During this time you will also get a break time and a lunch time.

What do I call my teacher?

Teachers will be called Sir and Miss when you are addressing them. However you will also know teacher surnames e.g. Mr Smith.

How long are my lessons?

Lessons in Year 7 are 1 hour long.

What if I get lost?

We all get lost sometimes, especially in a new building. If you get lost simply ask a teacher, member of staff or even an older student. It may take a couple of weeks but you will soon find your way around the building.

What equipment will I need to take to school?

Each day you will need to bring with you a pen, pencil and ruler. It’s always best if this is kept in a pencil case so you don’t lose it. Remember you must also bring your planner with you every day so you can see your timetable and record any important information. If you have PE, you must also bring your PE kit.

Will I get into trouble if I forget my equipment?

You should always bring your equipment into school with you so that you are fully prepared to do your best. We understand that during a day your pen may run out of ink, if this happens put your hand up and politely ask your teacher for a spare pen. It is really important that you bring your planner with you every day, if you forget this it will result in a 30 minute detention.

Are my teachers friendly?

Of course! Teachers are here to ensure that you make progress and get the best possible results.

Do I get homework?

Yes, homework is set to help you progress and to help you learn your subject.

What is my uniform?

Uniform must be worn at all times. In PE, you will be expected to wear your PE uniform. Please see our uniform page to learn more.

What if I get bullied?

We have a zero tolerance on bullies at school. If you or your friends are getting bullied please speak to a member of staff.

How do I know what my lessons are?

Don’t worry, when you arrive your VMG tutor will give you your timetable. Staff and other students will always help you get to your lessons.

If I have any problems, what should I do?

Talk to you VMG tutor, Head of Year or any member of staff.

How do I pay for my lunch?

The cost of lunch varies, and we have a wide variety of meals that change every day! You pay by adding money to your finger at stations around the school. Your finger is then scanned when you pay for your lunch.

When is my break time?

Depending on what continent your VMG is in, your break will either be at 10:25 or 10:45.

What are my bus times?

This depends on where you are going! Please see our most up to date timetable on the website.

Do students get detentions?

Yes. But these are down to the choices we make in classes and around the school. If you make the correct choices and simply want to learn you don’t need to worry about detentions.

Can I bring my bike?

Of course. We have a dedicated bike shed at the front of our school that is secure.

Can I bring my mobile phone to school?

Yes, however you must keep this off and in your bag before you cross the purple line at the school gates.

Can I join after school clubs?

We encourage you to do so. Each night we have many Enrichment sessions that vary from English, Maths, football, netball, cooking and even chess!