Collaborative Learning

‘When observing and judging teaching, inspectors must be guided by the response and engagement of pupils and evidence of how well they are learning’
Ofsted School Inspection Handbook (September 2013)

‘Teachers and other adults impart knowledge to ensure that students are engaged in learning, and generate high levels of commitment to learning across the school’
Taken from Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ descriptor for ‘Quality of Teaching’ (September 2013)

Students make good and outstanding progress when they work both independently and collaboratively and when they are highly engaged in their learning. Collaborative learning is all about engagement. By adopting a collaborative learning approach in lessons students are able to demonstrate high levels of engagement as a result of participating in stimulating, co-operative activities, which research has shown boosts academic achievement, promotes higher-order thinking skills and which are both challenging and fun. Within a lesson or series of lessons, collaborative learning activities are meaningful, have a positive impact on students’ learning and develops their skills.