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HegartyMaths is an online website created by UK Teacher of the Year and Global Teacher Prize Top 10 Finalist, Colin Hegarty. Colin received these awards for his contribution to Maths education.

The aim is to provide top quality home learning to all students so that, along with fantastic teacher-led Maths lessons in school, your child will be supported at home with their Maths learning. Often Maths homework can be difficult for students to get right. At home students may struggle to remember concepts they have learnt in class and parents often find it difficult to help their child through the methods as they were different methods to when they were at school.


HegartyMaths makes it easier for a child to engage with their Maths homework. It teaches (via 800, 10 minute videos), assesses (in small quizzes of usually 10 questions) and tracks everything a child needs to learn in school Maths. The programme aims to have a positive impact in the following areas:

1) Student motivation for learning Maths and changing their attitudes towards Maths;

2) Student attainment in Maths (what they can achieve)

3) Parental engagement and ability to assist in your child’s Maths learning.

Your child will receive one/two homework tasks a week from the HegartyMaths platform and each homework can take up to one hour to complete properly. Your child may complete more work should they wish to, but this is not a requirement. The HegartyMaths home learning tasks will consist of two main parts:

1) Watching and taking detailed notes in their homework book from one of the 10 minute videos. (Teachers will be using one lesson in the next few weeks to model what taking notes looks like and how to do this effectively as it is a key skill that is useful in maths and in many other subjects)

2) Doing the quiz that follows the video showing full working in their homework books.

Our main focus is on the effort that your child puts into their homework, the care they take with their notes and the pride they take in their work. All notes and all answers to the quizzes must be written in their homework books and students should mark their work in their books as they go along on the computer. It is fine to make mistakes and students should be encouraged to write the mistakes in their book, write the correct answer which the computer will show them and retry any question they struggle with as this will encourage good habits and take the fear out of making mistakes in Maths.

Every week the class teacher will set a task that is suitable for your child based on what they have been doing in their lessons.

Every year group will have homework set on a FRIDAY. The homework will be due in 6pm the following THURSDAY

Helpful Links


Student Home Support Guide

Student Presentation

This is the presentation shown to you by your teacher, in September.

Parent Presentation & Parent Checklist

Below you will find Information for parents regarding home learning and 8 things parents can do to support their son/daughter’s home learning in Maths.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your son/daughter’s Maths teacher.