Outwood Academy Acklam Learning Enivornment

The building of Outwood Academy Acklam was built in 2013 and we are proud of the community feel that it gives to the school. It is essentially made up of a central atrium, surrounded by 6 wings, based around subject areas. Additionally there is a Sports Hall at one end of the building and a Theatre at the other end.

The building is separated into different faculty areas. English and maths are made up of standard classrooms. Science has a combination of science laboratories and classrooms.

There are two fully equipped DT rooms, 1 fully equipped food technology classroom and 4 ICT rooms within one wing.

The other specialised teaching area is the Expressive Arts. There are 2 drama studios, 1 dance studio, 1 music teaching room and a number of practise rooms downstairs. Upstairs, there are 2 art rooms and another music room.
At Outwood Academy Acklam we have a policy of always keeping doors open so that the sound of high quality learning can be heard throughout the academy.