Student Voice

What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is a pathway that encourages students to become more engaged in their learning, the organisational structure of the Academy and the Academy community. At Outwood Academy Acklam, Student Voice is seen as an effective way to help transform education from the ‘bottom up’, though the co-construction of learning.

Why is Student Voice important?

Students remain at the heart of everything we undertake at Outwood Academy Acklam and The Family of Schools, therefore Student Voice is placed at the centre of everything that we undertake. The main objectives are to:

• to embed approaches to teaching and learning that encourage learners to take greater responsibility for their own progress and achievement;
• engage in constructive dialogue with teachers;
• give them the skills and qualities necessary to develop both during their time in the Academy and in future life;
• and develop their leadership skills by encouraging innovation

‘The Student Voice at Outwood is an integral part of the academy’s bid for Investors in Pupils Status. The five areas of improved outcome for schools to reach this standard (Attendance, Classroom management, Behaviour, Learning, Induction) are all included in the roles that we hope students will embrace this year. Through student voice roles, young people will have the opportunity to take a part in the ongoing improvements in the academy environment; the learning of all students; the wellbeing of staff and students; the management of behaviour, including praising success, and the decisions which affect the way we change and develop.’

How is Student Voice organised?

Everything that takes place at Outwood Grange Academy is organised through the ‘Deeps’ structure hence Student Voice sits centrally in each of the four ‘Deeps’.

Student Voice – Deep Learning:

Student Voice is used to improve teaching and learning in the following ways:

• Student Questionnaires – Departments regularly use questionnaires to get feedback on lessons, schemes of work, Key Stage organisation, Immersion Days, fieldtrips etc. to further personalise learning for students.
• Gifted and Talented – All G&T events are reviewed with students to ensure that they are being stretched and challenged appropriately.
• Student Partners – As part of a new project within the Academy, students will be asked for half-termly feedback for each of their subject teachers on whether they are receiving certain principles of teaching and learning. These principles include things such praise, respect and learning from each other.