Year 6 Transition 2021

Year 7 Transition Day – September 2nd 2021


Welcome to Year 6 parents, carers and children who will be joining Outwood Academy Acklam in the summer 2021.

This page it designed to keep you informed about our Transition process over the coming months, but also to ensure that any questions or queries you might have are answered, and where relevant displayed here.

You can also contact us at

Parents and Carers of our new Year 7 students are asked to fill in the data collection form online. These forms are vital to ensure that your child has the best possible start with us and enables them to access all school services, including school dinners. You must complete this form no later than Friday 2 July 2021.

The link to the data collection google form can be found below

Outwood Academy Acklam Virtual Tour

As part of the transition from Year 6 into Year 7 some of our fabulous students have created this video to welcome new students to our school. Please see the video to the right.

For any other admissions queries, parents should simply contact the Local Authority Admissions Team via 01642 201890 or by visiting the Local Authority webpage here

Key Contacts

Mr J Rhodes (Vice Principal – SLT link for Year 7)
Mr A Maycock (Associate Assistant Principal – Head of Transition)
Mrs B Smith (Year 7 Learning Manager)
Mr D List (SENCO)
Miss Cainer (Inclusion Coordinator)

Key Transition Dates 2021

Please note the school re-opens for Year 7 students on Monday 6 September 2021 for a 8.20am prompt start.
Our term dates 2021-2022 are on the website here

Communication and News

There are a number of ways parents and students can keep up to date with what is happening here at the academy, what events are coming up, and what letters and other information has gone home. You can follow us on Twitter: @OutwoodAcklam or ‘Like’ our Facebook page: Outwood Academy Acklam Please Like or Follow to ensure our regular posts come to the top of your social media news feed.

Key Documents for 2021

Copies of letters and documents posted home for Year 6 parents, in the months following National Offer Day, will also be available below for download. Please do keep checking back regularly.

The School Day

Academy Day starts at 8.20am prompt and finishes 2.30pm each day. Students are encouraged to attend enrichments, which are between 2.30pm and 3.30pm each day with the exception of a Tuesday, which is for staff training. Below you will see our times for the school day.


Year 6 Bridging and Learning Tasks

To help all of our new Year 7 students prepare for their time at Outwood Academy Acklam we have put together a resource they can complete at school or part of their Home Learning experience. Our ‘Around the World’ task welcomes new students to our HMG system and allows them to learn about each country they may find themselves in next year. We have also included the following links within this booklet.

Sparx Maths

Ensuring all Year 6 students are ready for Year 7 in maths.

Outwood Academy Acklam Transition Workbook

A series of tasks that welcomes Year 6 students to our Academy.

Covid19 Time Capsule Workbook – credit LONG Creations

A series of tasks to help students understand lock down and cope with some of the emotional aspects of this.

SEN and Inclusion

During recent months, colleagues have been visiting primary schools to meet Year 6 teachers to gather crucial transition information. Colleagues from Outwood Academy Acklam will continue to work with partner primary schools to ensure information regarding children’s needs is transferred effectively.

Some SEND students will be offered an extended transition to Outwood Academy Acklam during their first weeks at school in September to support them settling in with us. Mr D List (SENCO) will communicate this with families and discuss this process in more detail.

A member of the Inclusion Team will be contacting parents and children by telephone, so you have a chance to speak to someone from the Academy and let us know what helps you to learn and succeed in school.


Praise and Rewards

Everything we do at Outwood Academy Acklam is about raising the standards in teaching and learning to ensure that we give our students the best possible education. Our ethos embeds within us that everything we do must transform the life chances of all of our students.

Praise is reflected in each lesson we teach and students are celebrated through our praise boards in lessons, applause moments, praise points and good grades on our Praising Stars report system. We believe that the praise that we give students teaches them that positivity will allow them to reach their goals and become the person they have the ability to be. We give our students the basics for learning that teach students respect and gives them the tools they need to be successful and to respect each other. Students have the ability to make the correct choices at Outwood Academy Acklam which is acknowledged and rewarded on a regular basis.

Through teaching and learning we believe that praise is essential and students who make the correct choices are rewarded in many ways. We hold regular draws and reward students for excellent attendance, improved and consistent effort and improved grades. Year 8 students are rewarded with a 3 day residential after graduating into Year 9. Departments award students in various different ways through out their time in the Academy with the final reward being tickets to the annual prom in which students, staff and parents can all celebrate the success of students.


A Year 7 Timetable

Starting a new school can daunting and understanding a timetable will help students settle in much quicker. Please show the graphic below to your child so that you both understand how the timetable works. Remember we have lots of staff and older students who are able to help so please encourage your child to ask questions about their timetable.


School Uniform

We will provide a full uniform to Year 7 students when they start the school. As students grow out of their uniform, parents are expected to buy official replacements. The links to order Year 7 uniform bundles can be found here on our uniform page.

Please note that we no longer sell uniform direct to parents from the Academy.

Any additional uniform items must be ordered through the Trutex online website,

Important Dates

Uniform Collection for Year 7 September 2021 – Wednesday 28 July 2021
Return and Exchange for Year 7 September 2021 – Thursday 5 August 2021

Bus Routes

From September 2020, Bus A & F Routes are no longer available.

Students who currently use these bus routes are covered by Stagecoach buses. Timetables are available on the Stagecoach website, please see the link below.

The enrichment buses will also, no longer be available for students to access after enrichment. #

If you think, you may be entitled or already has access to travelling expenses, please complete the form found here and email it to .


Behaviour Pyramid

We encourage all students to make their own choices to become the person that they are capable of. When students fail to make the correct choices we use specific language to help student make the correct decisions. We want all of our students to make the correct choice and students are given every opportunity to do this.

In the classroom we believe that every student has a right to an education and we insist that the behaviour of students reflects this. Students who make the wrong choices are spoken to by staff and it is explained that they are making the wrong choice that is impacting their own education. If a student fails to follow these rules the classroom teacher will follow the consequence system giving the student 4 further chances to make the right choice. During this the teacher may use various interventions to help the student and to ensure that they remain on task and are not interrupting the learning of others. If a student fails to follow the intervention and eventually fails the classroom they will be sent to a matrix room to complete work away from the classroom. The student will later return and be issued a 30 minute detention. Failure in the matrix room will result in a half day in Reflection.

Reflection is an opportunity for students to reflect on their actions and make the correct choices that will enable them to succeed and become the person they are meant to be. They are given work to complete and have the opportunity to talk to a member of staff or SLT to understand that their actions have disrupted their own time in a classroom. Students are given every opportunity to succeed and many students who do reflect on their actions return to the classroom knowing how to succeed in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions by Year 6 and Year 7 students and have responded to these. Please view these by clicking the button below. If you can not find the answer to your query please fill in the contact form below and will endeavour to get back to you.

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