Year 10 Parent Information

We are looking forward to welcoming year 10 back as we reopen the academy on 15 June.

As outlined in government guidance the academy can only be open to 25% of the year group on any given day. We are planning for each student to receive 2 hours academic mentoring each week throughout the remaining 5 weeks of the summer term. Only children who have an allocated session will be able to attend the academy. Further, we are operating staggered starts for students and are using different entrance points for students arriving at the academy. Details of which can be found below on the Academy Map.


The Safety of Staff and Students

It is important that we recognise that the reopening of the academy can only happen if it is safe to do so. The staff at the academy have been working hard to make the appropriate arrangements to ensure we have everything in place to ensure risks are minimised to reduce transmission. We have created a video that demonstrates the range of measures that are in place to keep staff and students safe.

On arrival for their allocated session students will view a brief daily welcome presentation outlining the expectations regarding staying safe, hygiene and behaviour.

Minimising transmission is vital to ensure we all stay safe; with this in mind, all students have been allocated a ‘bubble’ this is their class for their sessions. They remain in the same bubble class and classroom for all their sessions. Students will be registered by a senior member of staff at their entrance point escorted to their bubble where they remain for their two-hour session. They will then be escorted out of the academy using the same path they entered through. All bubbles have staggered starts and finishes, we are also operating a one-way system and only utilising specific sections of the academy. This will assist in minimal transmission.

Important Information

We would ask parents and carers to support with minimising transmission are:

● Ensuring students do not wear school uniform, they should wear clothing that is easily washed and suitable for a school environment. Students should not wear any jewellery or makeup.
● They must not bring any bags or equipment into the academy. Each child will be allocated their own personal bubble pencil case that remains in the bubble and on their desk to be used only by them.
● I would also note that there are currently no facilities available for break, students will come in for the two-hour academic mentoring session only.
● To support social distancing and keep everyone safe your child must keep to their entry slot for their session. We all need to work together and support each other in the present situation. Please reiterate the importance of social distancing if your child is walking to the academy, they must not congregate in large groups with other students prior to or upon leaving the academy site.
● If your child arrives LATE (up to 30 minutes) for their session, they will need to present at reception following the social distancing expectations. On late entry your child will be accompanied to their bubble classroom by the senior leader responsible for that bubble.
● When your child exits the academy, they will be expected to adhere to social distancing to keep everyone safe.

Any children who are walking home must adhere to social distancing on their journey in the community to ensure everyone’s safety. It is imperative that they do not congregate with other children in the community.

Please support us all by ensuring your child understands the expectations with social distancing and demonstrates these expectations consistently to make sure everyone stays safe through being alert.

The academy is not open for visitors; all parents and carers are politely advised to NOT come into the academy, where at all possible, and contact us via telephone, to help keep us all safe.

Travelling to and from the Academy

If your child is arriving or being collected by car, please follow the instructions below:

● As you turn into the academy from Hall Drive, you will not be able to drive round to the right-hand side where many parents and carers drop off and pick up students.
● The car park which runs parallel to the staff car park is the only car park to be used to drop off and collect students.
● Cars need to park, leaving at least one space between cars (see video for demonstration).
● You will see on the video that distancing markers have been applied to the floor in the car park. These show students’ which route to follow to get to the fenced path, leading to the crossing (white arrows on Academy Map).
● When students have been dropped off, cars are required to drive to the end of the car park, turn back toward the crossing and turn left, leaving the site in the normal manner.
● Staff will be on duty at entrance and exit times to ensure the safety of our students.

To make sure we prioritise the safety of everyone, please make sure you arrive on time as per the allocated time slot.

Any students who are traveling on bikes will take their bikes to the normal bike path and will be expected to walk their bike down the path, adhering to the social distancing markers.

Any students who are traveling by public transport must make sure they follow the government guidelines these can be accessed here

This outlines the following:

● Plan ahead and use a direct route
● Wear a face covering and if you can take hand sanitiser
● Wash or sanitise your hands before and after your journey
● Maintain a social distance of 2 meters
● If you can, pay by a contactless method

Returning to the Academy

If your child is in Year 10 and you would like them to return to the Academy to continue their study please complete the contact form below or email

Following the changes to Government advice, from Monday 23 March our schools will be closed, except for providing childcare to a small number of children. During the period of closure we will not be able to collect correspondence sent via post. There are also only a small number of staff in the academy making it difficult to answer the telephone.

Therefore, where possible, we ask that you contact us via this contact form.

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