Year 6 Bridging and Learning Task

All students at Outwood Academy Acklam are members of a Horizontal Mentoring Group (HMG). You will be in a year 7 HMG with around 25 other year students and you will meet as a class with your tutor either before or after break every day. HMGs compete with each other to be the group with the best attendance or the most Praise Points. Praise Points are awarded to students to reward good manners, excellent behaviour, outstanding effort, achievement and work, resilience, being a good citizen and anything else which deserves recognition. Students who achieve a high number of Praise Points are rewarded with prizes

Your HMG will share its name with a country. Over your first year, you will find out a lot about this country, and at the end of the Year, compete for your country at our Outwood Olympics Sports Day. Your country will contribute to a continent, and it’s really important to do your best to win prizes for your continent! Our Year 7 members are often our best contributors.

While you are at home, we thought it would be fun for you to take a trip around the world with the different departments of Outwood Academy Acklam. There are all sorts of activities and subjects for you to try – just pick a country and see what you end up doing!

Remember to send us some pictures of what you’ve been getting up to! We can’t wait to meet you in September!



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