Parent & carer portal information & guide

Wed 04 Oct 2023
We recently launched a new portal that provides information to help you support your child's journey at the academy.

If you'd like to know more about the portal, here's a run-through of how to access it and what is included.

How to sign in

Parents/carers who have parental responsibility can access the portal using their email address.

  1. Visit (there's a link on the academy website, too)
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Receive a "magic link" by email to securely sign in

If you still need to provide an email address, please get in touch with the academy to update your contact details.


See your child's current attendance figures.
Screenshot of a table showing a student's attendance: present (100%), authorised absence (0%), unauthorised absence (0%), lates (0).


See information about any consequences your child has received.
Screenshot of a table showing the number of consequences a student has received: Praise (37), Informal sanctions (1), C4s (0), C5s (0) and fixed term suspensions (0)


For students in years 7 and 8, see the Honours badges your child has achieved. You can also browse the available badges for them to work towards.

Two hexagonal badge emblems, one with a "thumbs up" and one with a book and three gold stars.

Praise comments

Read Praise comments left by your child's teachers.
Screenshot of a praise comment: "Brilliant resilience today on the boxing equipment. Well done!"

Praising Stars

See all of your child's Praising Stars reports. Each report includes the same information as a printed report, adapted for display on a screen.
Screenshot of part of a student's Praising Stars report, showing Combined Science with predicted grade "5|5" and effort "E1".


See your child's timetable. You can scroll through up to two weeks of timetabled days.
Screenshot showing part of a student's timetable: 8:25 Tutor Groups, 8:45 English Literature.