SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability)

'The whole point of schools is that children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.'


The Academy Council representative with responsibility for SEND is Mrs Jane Coak.

The SEND Coordinator and Inclusion Coordinator take day-to-day responsibility for the operation of the SEND policy and Coordinate the provision made for students with SEND.

The SEND Coordinator at the Academy is Jane Holmes.

We welcome children to our academies and we prioritise admission for children with SEND.

We have a comprehensive support programme and our policy is available below.

Concerns and Complaints Regarding Provision for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Any concerns or complaints about SEN provision by parents or carers should be initially raised informally, whether by e-mail, letter or a telephone call with the SENDCo.

The SENDCo will investigate and report back within a week. If the parents/carers continue to be dissatisfied, a complaint should be raised as per the academy’s complaints procedure by completing the Complaint Form at Appendix 1. Academy Complaints Procedure

You can contact SENCO at

Policy for the support of students with a physical disability at Outwood academy Acklam

The school is purpose built to accommodate students with a physical disability including those who use a wheelchair, however there are limitations to the support we can offer those with significant health needs due to health and safety implications for the students and staff working with them. The school has lifts at either end of the building for access to the upper floor and site staff are trained in the use of the EVAC chair in case of emergencies. All doorways and corridors can accommodate a wheelchair and students who do not have access to a self-propelled or electric wheelchair will be supplied with a member of support staff to enable them to have full access to all areas of the school.

If for any reason a room is unsuitable for access due to the arrangement of furniture then it would be mandatory for the classroom to be rearranged so that full access can be gained. The student will have the use of all of the same facilities as every other student except where it would be deemed a health and safety risk to themselves or others. A support plan will be drawn up for the students and this will be reviewed on a termly basis with parents to discuss any change in circumstances or to discuss any concerns. The Health and Well being officer will liaise with any outside health agencies to ensure that school are aware of all of the student’s needs, and to arrange access to the student during school times if necessary.

Free workshops and 1:1 support for families with disabled children

CONTACT have been adapting their support offer for families. Free online workshops are on offer options so that families can continue to connect with each other and gain useful information and advice at the same time.

“Listening Ear” 1-1 confidential phone appointments with family support advisers for parents who would like to talk to someone for reassurance and practical and emotional support at this time are now available.

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